[Harp-L] Live Music Scene Reality Check

Hurricane sez :

O . K . Wind baggers .........

Never has it been easy for a musician , not yesterday , not now , not tomorrow . It will not change 

- - But - - 

Buck up , just read about the lives of Bessie Smith and others like her . 

Men like Bix Biederbecke , 

The musical lane is covered replete with the bodies of musicians . Even when the few who do make have it no less problematic .


Little Walter

Keith Moon

Do I need to go on ..

And this thread needs to die too .

Toughen up yer hides and no more whiners !

Personally I see Blue Skys up ahead for music in general , no time for the timid , got to bust yer butt out there to nail down a gig . 

Competition , 

It's the name of the game , 
no matter where ya play it it's always the same . 

Winners fail too but constantly work at it and whiners loooose and whine all the time about it . 

Ruth Brown told me ,

Quote :

 " When something bad happens to you and really gets you down and you feel like life's not worth it and maybe I should give up and  quit , that's when you have to take that { moment's } bad energy and " USE " it to direct your self towards an attack that will get you the results your after  "   . 

She said she lived by this creed . 

Read about her & Bessie then write about the 


It's a jungle out der and always was and will be ! 

Danger Danger young Will Harpmanson  .. . be verwy verwy cawwweful .

And please those who are at home reading  this and wondering out loud :

 " Hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I could do this "  :

Disclaimer :


If regection gets to you  - - - - 

...........don't try to do this at home ! 

Only trrrrrrrained pwofessional stunt junkies can do this stuff and not die heh heh heh heh !

IN closing : 

When it gets down to it , ya gotta luv it an dats dats , 

forget about the money & the whinin  , 

it will come ( money if ya got the talent and dedication )in time if you stick to and have what it takes . 

It's a crap shoot at best , now pal , do you feel lucky ?

Didn't intend on beating anyone up here , but , it's a dirty job . 

Rest in peace Pal Delay , one of the hardest working men I ever heard blow a harp .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon

Aka :


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