[Harp-L] RE: Blackface users?

I use a 64 BF Concert, with a special Weber 15" 2 ohm speaker to match the transformer instead of the stock 4 10s. Phx people that have heard me know the amp. Sounds pretty good to me, fills a room pretty well, and I did have some mods done. It's now in a red Rodgers cabinet that looks pretty good and is lighter than the stock one. I have, but don't really use, a 64 Vibrolux Reverb (not a reissue), partly because it is darned heavy and also because I don't use the onboard reverb. I know there are guys out there that love the Vibrolux so just my opinion, and after a bunch of emails come out saying how great they are maybe I'll take mine out again. The Concert doesn't have reverb.

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