[Harp-L] A formula that is working.

Hey Everyone,
I sure can relate to what Randy said about the 3 D syndrome. Drunk, Drummers, and Drag. I love it. And the volume war thing. I have found a way of getting around both those situations and also making myself more marketable in an ever increasing slow down of live music venues. I have teamed up with a guitar player who shares the same interest and commitment level as myself. He is very talented at making his own backing tracks that sound very human like.We can do whatever tune we choose. Once he does the tracks( which can take him (10-60 hrs a tune) we have a working band that shows up for every practice, they are never late, they never play to loud ,they don't drink or drug, the tempos are always right on, they don't have attitudes and egos, there is no conflict of not liking the material, and they work cheap! They don't complain about doing a benefit here and there or complain about the money that they are spending on gas to get to the gigs.The list goes on and on. We can drive to a gig together with all our gear, set up in 15 minutes, we don't need much room. We can play much smaller venues that get done much earlier if we choose. We can play for short money and still each make a hundred or more without to much difficulty. We can open up for other bands for all those same reasons. We play at a nice volume( the Princeton Reverb is nice and lightweight) so that I can play easy and hear every little nuance that I may choose. The people are really loving it because they can actually have a conversation without having to yell in each others ears and wake up hoarse and with an earache. Anyhow it is a formula that is working for me. Maybe it can work for others out there if you can find a guy like I did that is so talented with the backing tracks.
We also share the responsibilities. He does the tracks and website stuff which can take considerable time and I get most of the gigs and take care of the bookings and scheduling. If we do get a gig that wants a full band then we go that route and can do allot of the same material with a pick-up band . Revin' Kevin

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