Re: [Harp-L] King Biscuit Boy and tongue blockin'

Thanx Rob, I didn't know what had  happened to Richard Newell, but I kind of 
figured that he had to have passed  away or I would have heard more about him 
over the years.
       I wish I could get this slow  a*& computer to work on the Myspace 
links so I could hear that tribute to  King Biscuit Boy. I couldn't get it to work 
for my buddy Charlie Crowe's  solo stuff, so I would imagine I'll have 
problems with yours too. I'm gonna  try it anyway. If I can get it to play I know it 
will make me want to  practice more. Every time I hear you I think I need to 
practice more.  LOL 
     Rip it up in Japan!!!
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I too am a BIG fan of the LATE Richard  Newell from Toronto, he had tons
o' soul.....I also use both TB &  Pucker and agree BOTH is the way to go!

If you go to my MYSPACE you'll  hear my tribute to King Biscuit Boy it's HIS
version of the old Johnny  Jones Classic: "Hoy, Hoy, Hoy" as played by my
band The Hudson River  Rats....

Rob  Paparozzi
(In Tokyo)
Ps...a few weeks ago I was talking to Allen  Toussaint in NY at one of my
gigs and he told me some cool stories from the  Biscuit Boy in New Orleans
sessions many moons ago....he said Newell  insisted on going out to find a
real CHEAPO mic to get his desired sound on  that record and so he DID!

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> YES!!     Yes!!!    yeS!!!! I haven't heard  any King Biscuit Boy since
> probably 1979. Can anybody give me any  history on Richard Newell, is he 
> alive and rippin'? His album  Good Un's helped me learn. I played around 
> the  
>  album after that one, (it had "Hand Jive" on it using a chromatic I  think,
> 'least that's how I played it), but that one in the burlap bag  helped me 
> big 
>  time. I think maybe it was the first  time I ever tongue blocked, which by
> the way I've been meaning to say  something about. I keep seeing posts about
> using either tongue  blocking or the pucker style and which one is best. Why
> not   
> use both? That's what I do, whichever technique gets the job done  easiest 
> the  one I use. I don't bend using the tongue block  method 'cause it's so 
> easier  for me to bend with the pucker  thing, but there are just some 
> that I play  on the harp  that have to be tongue blocked. OOOhhh yea, I use 
> BiscuitBoy   name because it is steeped in so much tradition concerning the
> blues,  but I am  in no way the King
>  so......................................................
>   Proudly......BiscuitBoy Blues
>          Randy
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>  Available as an import I was pleased to obtain a copy of this Richard
>  Newell recording.  Backed by the Meters and produced by the
>  extraordinarily talented Allen Toussaint I love this album for its
>  groove. has 5 more copies.  Amazon has one and  I  think
> there are one or 2 on Gemm.  Overstock's shipping  and lowest  price make
> them the best deal.  I'd been looking  for this recording  on Cd for a
> long time and I happily tripped  over it sideways in a tangent  search.   
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