[Harp-L] Re: Texas Crude Harp Amp

Ah, the Kendrick Texas Crude! I bought mine in 1995 for $1,595 plus shipping 
from Gerald and have enjoyed it a great deal. It is a great medium sized amp, 
putting out a loud and cutting cathode biased 35 watts (two 6L6 tubes, tube 
rectifier and two 12AX7s) through a 12" Kendrick black frame speaker. 

I played this amp at many a gig over the last 10 years. It is loud and has 
good feedback resistance. It has 4 inputs and you can bridge the channels if 
desired. Mine is in the original trapezoidal brown tweed covered cabinet with the 
round slatted speaker opening - the cabinet is a work of art. It is a heavy 
amp (big speaker magnet and the cabinet corners are thick). It has a wave form 
symetry control (I leave it set at a single position) and a line out jack 
which can be useful in large rooms/loud bands/ PA enhanced situations. 

The Kendrick is the middle amp in my amp stable at the moment:

small: Hurricane V-8 (6watts 6V6 8" speaker class A Champ-like amp)
medium: 1960 Fender Vibrolux
medium: Kendrick Texas Crude
large: Sonny Jr. 410

The Kendrick is a great medium sized harp amp. Set it on a bar stool and let 
'er rip.

Andy Vincent

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