[Harp-L] Re: Kendrick Texas Crude Harp Amp

Oh my. I spent lots 'o' money on vintage amps ( Masco ME-18 and a Masco MA -17 heads - customized for harp by the estimable Skip Simmons, various Masco combos, Silvertones, and assorted single ended (and push-pull) valve amps, a peavy Classic 50 with a reworked board and preamp ) before buying a Kendrick Texas Crude. Mr. Weber built mine himself as per my specs ( 4x10 laquered tweed ) right after he recovered from his open heart surgery operation. I talked him into making it for me the day he was going under the knife and despite the stress that sort of situation must have entailed he was tres-sweet, patient, and charming.

My oh my. Why I waited so long and spent so much money before breaking down and buying the Kendrick Crude I'll never understand. The Kendrick is a syrupy, thick sounding harp amp that is thoughtfully designed ( extra long power cord & a multi-tap tranny for easy changeover to various voltages...a great advantage having moved to new Zealand).

I can get the amp loud enough for guitarists to complain ( which is NOT what I'm after ) without feedback. I can't answer you question about the bullet mic as I use an EV-RE 10 or Shure 545 dynamic mic. The amp is somewhat heavy (35 Watts and big magnet Kendrick speakers) but nowhere near the weight of an evil Fender Twin.

Plug a mic straight into the Crude and let the tubes get warmed up and it's sorghum-sweetened branchwater. Add a pinch of DM-2 (swampfog or was that frog) delay. Any more than that is just lipstick on the most beautiful pig I've ever plugged into.

I do have a pedalboard full of effects I've amassed over the years by sorting through scores of ( made for guitar ) mostly vintage pedals, that I use sparingly, if at all - but if I didn't have them the Kendrick absolutely kills without a blessed thing added. Effects pedals often caused feedback problems in the past but NOT with the Kendrick.

In all honesty I've never tried the other made-for-harp custom amps such as Sonny Jr's, Holland, Spirit, Kinder Harp King, Serrano, Marble, etc. But once you've found true love why go looking for 'strange'.
Roger Boyce - South Island NZ


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