[Harp-L] Blues Jr

Since I mostly play jams - I've been very happy with my Blues Jr.  Its the right power, right weight, and right size for that application.  Also, since I prefer a cleaner tone - it's OK with me not to have the big crunch from a Bassman.   I'm using a  JT30 (CAD) mic most of the time.  Frequently, I'll put a delay pedal in front of the amp for a little slapback (about 120 mSec, 30% blend).  My amp settings are usually  Master=10, Reverb=2 or 3, Bass=10,  Mids=3.5, Treble=1 or 2, Vol=5 to 7, Fat=OFF.  I control the stage volume using the mic volume control.  It can still get a little squirrelly when turning the mic all the way up.  Control the feed back either by changing your position on stage or with a tighter cup on the mic.

I've done the following to my amp:   

1)  replaced the stock power tubes with JJs.
2)  replaced the stock 12AX7s with 7025s to lower the gain (just a little).
3)  replaced the stock speaker with a Weber VST - call up Ted Weber and ask him for a recommendation.  The options are a bit limited since the cabinet is narrow.  I opted for a warmer smoother speaker without a lot of breakup.  (A compromise since I wanted a lot of versatility - guitar, chromatic harp, etc. in addition to just blues harp - from the amp).

The only problem that I've had is that I'm on my third reverb tank (too much bouncing around in my car).  If you haul it around a lot, order a spare from Mojo (distributor) or directly from Accusonics.

Bottom line - no regrets on any of it and I'd get another ASAP to replace it.  Best bargan out there today for a tube amp.


That should work for you... I have had a Blues Jr for awhile now and it has 
worked well for me. You   might consider some tube swaps to limit feedback, 
depending on what your needs are. There is lots of info available on that. Let 
know if you need that and I'll send it to you offlist.
I have had the best luck with a JT-30 and the Blues Jr. , but it works well 
with most harp mics.

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