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Shame on you. <g>

It's all right. One of my top five TV personalities is Rachael Ray. She has all the elements of Julia Child--approachability, immunity to embarassment, complete dorkiness, and knowing what she's talking about.

I don't think either of them played the harmonica but if someone asked them to try it on live TV....

Hear Barrelhouse Solly on the internet--that's me

Yes, it's what everyone has been clamoring for--pictures of the cats:

Robert Gaustad wrote:
You know what, I thought I would never watch the show either...and then one
day I took a peek and was hooked. It's great to watch all this young talent
develop over a few months of hard work.  The go from raw, untrained singers
to professional quality entertainers (or at least most of them).

I can't say I like most of the "pop" aspect of the music but each year a
rebel comes along and this year it's Taylor Hicks.  He plays a mean harp and
sings like a cross between Ray Charles and Joe Cocker.  He won't go all the
way but I can't wait to see what he does with the music he has to sing.

I hate to admit that I'm an addict of the show...but, well, I am. Sob.....

Robert Gaustad

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If anyone wants to know who Taylor Hicks is and what he sounds like, tonight's the first guys night on American Idol (8p.m. EST Fox Network).

sorry.  Little Walter himself couldn't get me to watch this show.
i hope he does well without my participation.

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