[Harp-L] Sunny Girl/Iceman/RJ Harman Gig in Detroit

With the Superbowl as a backdrop, this past weekend was a lot of fun.

I played w/Sunny Girl and her band on Saturday Night at a fancy restaurant in 
Detroit area - the place was packed.

Unbeknownst to Sunny Girl, I arranged to have RJ, along with Vicki, fly to 
Detroit to take part in the festivities.

They met, got along great, and the second set opened with an a capella 
version of a Gospel tune by Sunny Girl, followed by RJ Harman doing his solo version 
of "Nine Below Zero" and the Beethoven "slight of tongue" Howard Levy 
transcription. I then played keyboards while Sunny Girl sang "Misty" with RJ on 
harmonica. Finally, the whole band took the stage w/Sunny Girl and RJ for "Rocket 
88", Carlos Del Junco style.

As a teacher, it was a thrill to bring my two most talented students 
together. The future looks quite interesting, as I plan on working with both of them 
more directly as a unit concept.

With a little luck, a VCR amateur taping of this portion will be converted to 
CD format and then posted on a website for all to enjoy.

The Iceman

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