Re: [Harp-L] Chromatica query

BG, some time ago, I noticed a vertical crack in the back of my 260's
comb, when I took the harmonica apart to inspect the damage, the comb
was already in two pieces.  I used elmer's glue to put it back togther.

Did you see the message earlier today from Michael Eaton
(diachrome@xxxxxxxxxxx) entitled "Wood combs and other parts" ?  he's
selling 260 combs for $5 each <snip from Michael E's message> "I read
players complaining about wood combs.   I'm selling NOS pre  
and post war 260/270 combs for $5 per comb.   Can't complain about  
those prices.
You will need a drill press to bore the spring post hole.  Hohner  
doesn't sell them with the post hole drilled."

That offer may be something to consider... I know I am.


>>> "Wm.Galley" <mil-bil@xxxxxxx> 08/04/06 10:02 PM >>>
G'day Harp folks --  I have a fairly OLD Hohner 260/40 Chromatica -- The
5 hole Blow
(slide in OR out) gives a note that (gently blown,) is fine,  but blow
any harder and it
has a very very fine vibrato like sound to it; pitch is still correct.
      At the back, the comb shows a vertical fine crack, in the area of
the 5 hole;  I've 
filled that with warm bees wax, and still get that unwanted sound.
        Is it possible the crack goes right from back to front, and
would be the cause of my problem?   If some of you say that is possible,
I'll disassemble and see if I can make a fix.   Thanx -- BG - Ca
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