[Harp-L] Fender Blues Deville for Sale and mics

        Anyone interrested in a Fender Blues Deville 4X10 tweed amp with 
adjustable bias?The amp is like new and still has it's original tubes.It has seen 
very little use and has not been modified other than the adjustable bias being 
put in.It has the original Eminence 10" vintage series ceramic magnet 
speakers.It really is like new.I'm asking $500 + shipping for this amp.I may have 
pic's available in a couple days.US buyers only please. 
       I also have some various mic shells ready to be custom built to your 
specs with either vintage Shure magnetic elements (CR or CM),or crystal 
elements.I have a few vintage Astatic MC151 crystals available and a couple of the 
new Jap crystals now being used in the Hohner Blues Blasters.Also have 1 Shure 
R7 crystal available for build but it's not at 100% although it's quite 
usable.Also have 1 Shure PE585V (with volume control) available.
       I am now doing harp mods on Fender Bassman reissue's.This is an 
extensive mod,so email me for details.I'm also building 4X10 amp's with an eyelet 
board based on the Fender 5F6A circuit with original layout but modified for 
harp,with or without the cabinet.Email me for prices and details.
         I will have a website up and running soon which will be mainly 
devoted to info on harp mic's,the Shure green bullet in particular with some info 
on others.It will include the history of the green bullet,info on elements and 
how to date them,how to get the best tone with your equipment,and plenty 
more.Plenty of pics too.I'll post the location and when it will be up soon.
          Anyone interrested in the amp or mics contact me by email at 
grbullets2@xxxxxxx .Thank you............Dave

Dave Kott GRBULLETS2@xxxxxxx

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