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.6/16/05 stiv whiskywine <thepinkcrickets@xxxxxxxxx> sez:

Im getting my wisdom teeth pulled soon and was wondering how long its gonna put me out...????


Hurricane sez :

¡ Ouch !

Re coup time will depend on this .

Impacted and I mean severely impacted types will put ya down till YOU KNOW when your ready and not a moment " get away from me harp " before . For myself it was 2 months on that first nightmare buger mutant tooth!

I know , to make a long story short ( if that's possible ) that first one so bad it took one nurse on each arm pulling hard to keep me on the dentist's chair , and an other holding my forehead pulling the same way hard .

 ........ The scenario - -- 

The Doc had his one foot up high against the lower arm rest support to help him push and add to more needed force for both his arms and hands on the pliers as he pulled with them , together with his one leg pushing against the arm rest and his other leg on the floor his upper torso and arms and hands all working together was heard a loud snap -  - 

- - - while pulling for all he was worth   , sweat running down his face , nostrils flaring like Seabiscuit  going for the triple crown , grunting like a wild bore , the expression of his wild looking  eyes saying " I never ever have had one like this to pull " ( and he did say that too ) in my 40  years as a dentist .

- - - - Ya know , that's just what ya wanna hear huh ! - - - - -

What seemed like  a X-Files  Time Shift - - -

I'm moaning loudly man  - - as I see him flying in the air backwards and through several pieces of doctor's office assorted furnishings and knocking over cabinets and trays of tools to the floor ( with a loud crashing sound that had people in the waiting room looking scared when they heard it , I know ,  because they all had a terrified look on their faces when I entered the waiting room as I left later after my visit , they were all looking like death row inmates to me  ) with my bloody impacted tooth in one hand  holding the pliers as the other  arm flails away in the air with a horrific expression on his face like that of a man with newly found religion while in the throws of it and not knowing if he will live much less survive unscathed  through the experience - - - .

Took several months for that to heal completely - - was told later I should have had a " oral surgeon " do it and I did on the others and am glad I did 

- -  so - - 

if yers iz rallly rallly impacted - - make chure yu see a oral surgeon man ...

Get this - - I have a second mutant wisdom tooth growing in that same socket that was a killer record tooth pull for that dentist ! ! ! !

Really , all kindling aside it's a serious affair no matter what kind of tooth is being pulled ,  so follow all instructions given by the Doc and take care , maybe yours will not be a nightmare like my first one was . 

My other three extraction's were not a nightmare when I used the services of a oral surgeon . Good luck and may your down time pass quickly . I only see oral dental surgeons and I make sure they have nitros oxicide gas  :)

Take my advice if it's serious man .

If it is not that serious your a most lucky man and disrard this entire post .

Sincerely :

Aka :


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