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First thing you want to do is pick up a copy of SEE or VUE - 
available free at anywhere remotely hip - and check out the
entertainment listings.  Both publications come out on 
Thursdays.  Look under "Blues & Roots" - if you
see the name Rusty Reed anywhere, cancel all appointments,
and get yourself down to wherever the heck he's playing; 
hang the expense, you'll get your money's worth and more. 
(Actually, entertainment in E-town is cheap).  For awhile he
was hosting a Wednesday night jam at a place called The Boiler; 
whether he's still doing it or not I don't know.  I'm not right
on top of the scene, I have to admit.  Anyway, a couple of other
names to look for:  Crawdaddy, and Hound-dog Brown (look for
him at The Dog House).  Check out what's happening at Blues on 
Whyte; you could catch someone like Little Mike & the Tornadoes.
Also, there's a big jam there on Saturday afternoons, starting
about 3:00.  There are a few other jams around town; check the

I'm heading to Edmonton this weekend; if I hear about anything
interesting, I'll send you an e-mail, or send me a phone number
off-list if you won't have access to the 'net.

- thurg

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> I'm presently traveling in Edmonton Canada for two weeks. Anyone have
> information on harmonica happenings or bands in the area?
> Thanks!
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