[Harp-L] Bassman

Thanks Bob for that note of confidence:) , I have a little info I can share 
about bassmans. If it has an 83 marked for the rectifier, it is a 5F6, not a 
5F6-A, which was the model which was not made for long, the 5F6. There are THREE 
variations to the 5F6-A circuit, the standard one you see in the tweed book, 
and the other two where Leo was still tweaking the tone circuit, which can be 
found in the 1959 and 1960. Check out Geralds info, the more the better, I am 
sure he can elaborate to the fullest extent. I have a few different bassmans 
in house currently for much less than the new model, can explain off list. 

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