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Hey Chris,
Since my CD is available at CD Baby, it is also made available to many digital download venues. One of which is I Tunes. I most definitely get paid for the downloads. It's been a great thing as far as I can see. However CD Baby does all the distributing and accounting which makes it a no brainer. Now Mark's situation may be different because he is with a record label as opposed to my situation, where I am the record company.

PT Gazell

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Here's a question that I hope someone has a reasonable answer to. Within the last year or so, I have been using ITunes for all of my music buying. They have a great selection of blues, allow you to buy specific songs, and work flawlessly for playback and creating mixes. I had thought that the artists were all hip to this and got a piece of the take. Songs cost 99 cents apiece $9.99 for most complete CD's.

I went to see Mark Hummel at a show and talked with him. I mentioned my ITunes habit and he said "Wussat?" I explained the whole Apple/IPOD thing and ITunes. I also said that most of his CD's were on ITunes and available for purchase. He said "Hmm, i ain't receved a $#)$#&)#$ penny from these guys" So now my question is, do they receive a piece of the take? Does the record company get a piece? I assume that they must otherwise, there would be one heckuva stink being raised. So do artists like Hummel, Rick Estrin, Piazza, the Clarke estate, etc... get a piece of the take? They all have CD's on ITunes.

Anybody got an answer? I'd love to hear. Also would be glad to forward any info to Hummel since I have his email now.


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