Re: [Harp-L] Jump Start Rides Again


Glad you enjoyed the "Harp to Heart" tune, I would have LOVED to been there!!,-) What a super idea it was! and thanx again to Randy Singer and Julian Dawson.

Don't sweat the gig tonite, most importantly keep it FUN!! You may find a totally new and inspired feel after being away from it for a spell....

Tonite is my first FULL band gig in NYC since last fall so I'm a bit nervous too....but Madcat is in town and is gonna "sit-in"...............that can even make you MORE nervous!!!,-)) but I'm not gonna GO there, I'm gonna have FUN with it........!

Have a great gig..!
Rob Paparozzi

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Hi gang... just looking for a bit of encouragement

It seems that my old band Jump Start (which
dis-combobulated a couple of years ago) has been
called into action again. One of the bars we used
to play in alot called up our drummer about a month
ago ~insisting~ that we play his annual
"crab-crack" dinner party. He knew we were busted
up, but really wanted us. Sooooo...

We have a gig tomorrow night, but haven't played
together onstage for a looong time. I'm nervous as
hell, but very excited to be able to perform again.

Wish me luck!

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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