Re: Re: [Harp-L] A Hohner Pro is Shredding My Tongue

Pierre wrote:
> In this case its just a bad design (compared to a SP20). I cannot 
> understand why Hohner would keep selling such a bad design. 
> if these harps were $5.99 it would be OK.

Ironically, the Blues Band and Pocket Pal (and Old Standby and GLH 
and on and on) are less than $5.99, and they have the same design as 
the Special 20.  

I think Hohner's idea was to make one design that they could use to 
replace several of their non-MS models, which included the Blues 
Harp and the Meisterklasse, which were traditional sandwich design 
(like the Marine Band) as well as the full-mouthpiece models like 
the Pro Harp and the Cross Harp.  It's hard to make a single design 
of plate that can be both overhanging and recessed.  It's hard to 
make a recessed mouthpiece in a wood comb and in a metal comb.  So 
overhanging won out.  


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