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has anyone seen john nemeth play live, and if yes give us the lowdown on the cat?
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I've seen John play quite a few times. He was the fill in host (reg was on tour) for a jam I go to often. He's a very good singer who also plays harp. He plays well, but IMO it's secondary to his voice. He has a good command of first position and the top octave beside the regular second position stuff. He's currently in the SF Bay Area where there's an embarrassement of harp riches. We have Mark Hummel, R.J. Mischo, and Michael Peloquin, Gary Smith, Dave Barrett, to name a few.

Nemeth has a powerful tenor voice. When it kicks in in the high range he evokes Clyde McPhatter or Little Johnny Taylor. He doesn't sing like either, but he has the power, clarity, and soulfulness. He gets the Barrelhouse Solly seal of Vocal Approval.

Most comparable, IMO, Little George Seuref.

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