Re: [Harp-L] Butterfield amp

richardlvale@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
In almost all jurisdictions I am aware of, a thief acquires no legal interest in stolen merchandise. For this reason, the thief cannot pass valid legal title on to anyone else. The lawful owner always remains the lawful owner. In addition, a civil action for replevin is also available to the lawful owner. It costs money, but it also costs the thief money if he wants to defend the case.

Sadly, principles don't come cheap. Unless you're fairly well off, the issue is a balancing act of cost vs benefit. That amp isn't likely to go for more than a few thousand dollars. For most lawyers, this won't even cover the cost of a demand letter, never mind actual litigation. So they are extremely unlikely to take the case on a contingency basis. 1/3 of a stolen Paul Butterfield amp, no matter how cool that might be, won't cover a sailboat or summer house payment.

Hey, maybe we could take up a collection from Harp-L, buy the amp and donated it someplace appropriate. I'd kick in a few bucks.

Bob "Still Looking for a Nickname" Cohen :-)

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