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I am passing this information for you.

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From: "The Best Li'l Harp House" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: June 8, 2005 10:55:18 AM EDT
Subject: Hering Harmonicas
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I'm writing to let you know exactly what is happening with Hering Harmonicas
inside of the United States.

Miller Magowan, Inc. has received Hering USA.

Miller Magowan is the parent company of the largest retail distributor of
harmonicas in the US,. . .
the (Best Li'l Harp House.) They have served the harmonica community since
1992 and will now assume the direction, regulation and coordination of the
business practices related to the sale and distribution of Hering Harmonicas
for the US.

This means the dealers will now have a no-hassle return policy, a clear,
direct, open line of communication, access to solid inventory levels,
competitive pricing, and the ability to accurately package, process and
deliver Hering harmonicas to the end user.

Harp Depot does carry a solid inventory of Hering harmonicas, as does the
Best Li'l Harp House and Harmonicas and Stuff. These three dealers should
be able to provide you with most of your Hering needs very quickly. You
may, for a short while, continue to experience some delay in the delivery of
specific products. However, over the next few weeks, Miller Magowan /
Hering USA will be aggressively dissecting inventory levels, studying sales
records, credit histories and option, and coordinating many other
administrative operations connected with this acquisition. All of these
actions will be designed to better serve the Hering dealers and the end
users throughout the US.

Hering is committed to providing the very best in product and service and
will do what is necessary to see that this takes place.

I believe that you will see dramatic increases in the inventory levels among
many of the other retailers as well. In the mean time, please visit any of
the following sites and ask these retailers to provide you with the very
best in quality and tone,. . .Hering harmonicas.

http://www.harphouse.com/ The Best Li'l Harp House - (877) 274-2776
http://www.harpdepot.com/ Harp Depot - (866) 616-4277
http://www.harmonicasandstuff.com/ Harmonicas and Stuff - (888) 802 4277
http://www.coast2coastmusic.com/general/free.shtml Coast 2 Coast - (800)

PS: You are more than welcome to share this information with the list at
Harp-L if you'd like.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact D.Scott Magowan
(President - Miller Magowan, Inc.) at: (609) 298-8258.

Thank you

John Francis - The Best Li'l Harp House
(877) 274-2776 Toll Free
(609) 298-2202 Direct

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