Re: [Harp-L] Hohner Blues harp vs. Marine Band... and repair !!!

Mile high wrote:
> ... I have a hohner Blues harp (not to confuse with the cheaper 
> Blues Band harp also made by Hohner...)  that needs a new 
> reed, ... or  draw plate.  Can these be purchased seperatly like 
> the Lee > Oscars ???   Is this harp the same as a marine 
> Band ???, ...  it has a wooden comb and looks alot like a 
> Marine, ...except for the cover plate of course... .

The MS (Modular System) harps from Hohne rare designed to have 
replaceable reed plates.  You can get them from Coast 2 Coast among 

This harp is different from the Marine Band in many respects.  It 
has different external dimensions and the reedplates come off a 
different production run than the Marine Band with different 
dimensions for the reedslots.  The Marine Band comb is made of 
pearwood and is much more subject to swelling than the doussie wood 
comb of the MS Blues Harp.  The Marine Band is assembled with nails, 
while the Blues Harp uses screws.  The Marine Band covers have a 
different design and has a different sound than the Blues Harp.  


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