[Harp-L] NOW- posted on internet- "HARP TO HEART"-- featuring "the million dollar harmonica quintet"

The recording of "HARP TO HEART" is finally ready for everyone to hear.

It is posted on my site, let me know if there are any difficulties in streaming it.



feel free to drop a line on the internet or to julian himself.

He deserves congratulations for making this recording possible.


I did forget to mention that it is Julian himself who is singing on the song!!

A rare recording long thought lost has finally turned up featuring Julian Dawson, Howard Levy, Jellyroll Johnson, Charlie McCoy and myself, Randy Singer.

On march 9th, 1990, Julian Dawson called me up (as I was living in Nashville at the time) and invited me to record his original song "Harp to Heart" along with Howard Levy (who happened to be in nashville), Jellyroll Johnson and Charlie McCoy. It would prove to be the first time such musicians had ever recorded simultaneously!!

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