[Harp-L] Re: JR @ red bank

Dang, I should've known the music would continue past
Red Bank's rather abrupt curfew.  Jason Ricci and
Dennis Guenling jamming at a bar?  I missed that? 
Cripes.  Next time I'll pay more attention.

Still the main show was amazing, so I can't feel too
bad. :o)

Colin Epstein

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> Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 22:33:54 -0400
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> jason ricci and new blood played another incredible
> show last night
> to a cold, wet, and very happy crowd at the red bank
> jazz and blues
> festival in red bank, nj.
> the rain started earlier in the day, getting worse
> as the evening began.
> a smattering of people attended the earlier acts,
> which was a shame,
> because JPAT, Hazmat Modine, and Killer Blues Band
> were all 
> excellent.  
> jason's set started about 8:20, with around 100
> people standing around
> in the pouring rain.  that's not bad, when you can
> attract 100 people to
> stand outside in weather like this.  the show was
> amazing, very tight,
> very hot.  jason was clearly very appreciative of
> his very hardcore, very
> enthusiastic audience.  as his time was running out,
> he announced,
> "i've got 9 minutes left.  i'm gonna talk for 8". 
> he talked about seeing
> his first blues show when he was 14 (james cotton),
> and about the magic
> that happens between a performer and an audience, as
> each brings their
> own life experiences to the table.  that's what
> makes live music so great.
> it was very personal, and very special.  he closed
> with a new song, "The
> World's Just Wrong", and tried to shoehorn in a
> "Mellow Down Easy"
> before the venue shut him down.
> after the police pretty much chased us out of there,
> we retired to the walt 
> street pub, where local band The Incinerators were
> playing.  after a while
> they called jason and dennis gruenling up to join
> them, and they played
> a couple of songs with amazing jams throughout. 
> watching the two of these
> guys together was wild; they were clearly having a
> great time.  so was everybody
> else.  later sets included roxy perry, who played
> with shawn starsky and
> incinerators, and various other combinations.  we
> left around 1, way past our bedtime.
> we were still soaking wet.
> all in all, a terrific night of music.  funny, i
> just wrote the other day about seeing
> ryan hartt here last year in the rain, and here we
> were again.  ( jason played that
> day, too.  i'm beginning to think he brings bad
> weather with him.  we saw him in
> hoboken in february, then drove home in a raging
> blizzard.  three nights later
> i missed another show because i couldn't get out of
> my driveway due to another 
> snowstorm. )  but hey, a little cold and wet is a
> small price to pay to get to share
> the magic when an audience and a band get together
> to make live music.
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