[Harp-L] Re: Volume control

As a general rule harp players spend an inordinate amount of money on gear.
We buy vintage mics, new mics, custom mics, crystal elements, dynamic ones, CRs, CMs, amps galore, various brands of off the shelf harps, custom harps, tuners, toolkits, cases, effect pedals. Not to mention CDs and DVDs, books, etc, etc. We spend vast amounts of cash travelling to see other harp players perform.

I mean compare some of these prices:

Boutique amp          approx  £1500       plus shipping
Custom  JT30           approx  £100         plus shipping
Custom harp Qty 1   approx £80            plus shipping

Now we pay these prices for gear because we want to use quality equipment and while we balk a little at the price, we still pay it. Why ?
Because we recognise that the work that has gone into creating these things and appreciate the end product.

I have only had my volume control from Greg for a short time but even without the longevity test you can tell just by looking at it that it's a quality product and that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the final design. I would say that it's a well thought out design and is constructed to a very high standard.
Now imagine how long it takes to produce, I bet it doesn't work out at a great hourly rate of pay for Greg.
I personally think that the cost (approx £40 plus shipping) is pretty reasonable.
If you could find an original Astatic volume control I'll bet it would cost you a hell of a lot more.


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