Subject: [Harp-L] JR @ red bank and then Long Island - 2 different worlds

Gary writes: (snipped) "jason ricci and new blood played  another incredible 
show last night to a cold, wet, and very happy crowd at the  red bank jazz and 
blues festival in red bank, nj."

.... that makes me feel just a bit better about the  disappointingly low 
turnout at Paula Jeans tonight on Long Island,  Gary.  I was amazed by how few 
people came, while immensely  pleased that I then got to meet Jason one-on-one.  
He is as down to earth  and approachable as everyone's said.  By the time New 
Blood finished their  last number, only 3 of us were in our small area of the 
club with a handful  of other patrons scattered throughout.  Vastly different 
from how I  had envisioned it.  Someone later explained that Friday nights at 
Paula  Jeans are "the" big blues nights there, and the owner would  have 
booked Jason regardless of when they could get him as he  just loves him so much, 
so that made me feel a lot better.  I am  now a Bona fide member of the Jason 
Ricci fan club.  I introduced  myself to JR as he was setting up and he 
insisted on "giving a hug to a Harp-l  lister" and then having me bring him back to 
introduce him to Warren another  Harp-l lister I mentioned was present.  Such a 
cool guy, is our Mr.  Ricci.  His show was unbelievable.  I'm still trying to 
figure out how  he does what he does with a harmonica!  He gives everything 
to the music  and his audience. My impression was that he would have played his 
heart out  had there been only one person left in the club.  He is a class 

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