[Harp-L] Ricci Review...

I just returned from Paula Jeans here on Long Island...caught Jason live for
the first time. Yeah...he's the real deal..what can I say that hasn't been
said already. The turnout was pitiful..less than 10 people stayed for the
second set... what a shame. The boys still put on a good show..true pros.


I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth and her husband Fred..sounds like
she has really been bitten by the Diatonic Bug! 'Bout the only thing she
wants to do with that Chromatic now is rap ol' Fred in the head when he
misbehaves! Ah..ain't love grand! It was nice to hang with a fellow
harp-ler.I am sure we will cross paths again.


The highlight of the show actually wasn't Jasons harp playing..it was the
funky pair of pants he had on. This gal in the audience was being pretty
persistent..she wanted him to sell them to her. I didn't stick around for
the negotiations or the exchange...perhaps there will be news at 11? I do
hope that they get that style in my favorite big mans shop..come to think of
it..Buzz Krantz would look better in them than I..he has that
high-fashion/hippy/teamster thing going on...:-)


Warren Bee



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