Fwd: [Harp-L] Greg Heumann Volume Control

--- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Paul Routledge <kingley@xxxx> wrote:
  OK here's the lowdown on the Greg Heumann Inline Volume Control.

<big snip>

To be honest I don't know if i will use it at all of my gigs. But it 
will definitely come in handy on those gigs where I have to play at 
high volumes. It will enable me to switch off my mic when I am not 
using it, thus ensuring no feedback

Thanks for the review, Paul.  Just an aside:  for those looking for the specific function of 
having an on/off without altering a vintage mike, I've been exclusively using the Planet 
Waves instrument cable with the built in on/off.  It works great -- silent on/off and silent 
switching of microphones.  I have no financial interest in the planet waves product.
--john k.

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