Subject: RE: [Harp-L] Subject: TINNITUS - Ringing in the ears - hearing loss

Steve Shaw responds:
"Hi Elizabeth

I've had tinnitus for 15 years, and about 10 years ago  I had lots of tests, 
and thankfully I have a type of tinnitus that's not  associated with hearing 
loss.  I have two permanent sounds in my right  ear, one very high-pitched 
and the other a low rumble.  They are there  all the time.  I'm no great 
believer in mind-over-matter, but in this  particular instance it has worked 
for me.  I emphasise that I'm  speaking very personally, and what works for 
me is not the basis of advice  for anyone else.  But I decided that this 
scourge was for me and me  alone to conquer.  Tinnitus support groups and the 
like are just not  for me.  I now live quite happily with it, though absolute 
silence is a  luxury I can rarely afford!  Harp content - listening to and 
playing  music are exceptionally therapeutic.  Playing  especially!

HEAR  my CD clips:
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........I hear you, Steve, and can't disagree at all.  I'm not a  joiner 
either, much preferring to take care of my physical  problems myself as much as 
possible.  But a lot of folks had the  spelling of tinnitus wrong and I thought 
if others wanted to do the research  it'd be easier to provide what I'd 
already found.  I do like the idea of  drowning those noises out with music <G> - 
that's probably what  keeps you practicing to be as good a harpist as you are.  
Great incentive! 
Even without tinnitus, I have music playing all the time at home.   Couldn't 
imagine life without it.  I did want to add that certain  medications can also 
cause tinnitus and muffled hearing so for some folks it's a  Catch-22 
situation and I knew someone other than my Dad who suffered terribly  because of the 
noises.  It is a serious and horrible problem for far too  many people.  I'm 
thankful I'm not among their ranks, yet.

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