[Harp-L] Airtight Soul's Voice?

I just got a Bushman Soul's Voice in Low D, and there are things I like about it and things I don't.  The blow bending lives up to the hype...it is beautiful and easy to do on all holes from 7-10, every step.  This is the first harp I've had that I can fully bend hole 10.  On the other hand, I haven't achieved a stable overblow yet, on any hole.  I'm also having trouble getting even the first step of draw bending on holes 1-3.  I realize this may be due to the low tuning and not the make of the harp, but I can hear a lot of air leaking.  Being that all my other harps have been Lee Oskars and Hohners, I'm wondering if the maintenance for Bushmans is any different?  Does anyone have recommendations for how to seal this thing up?

(My goal is to play "Amazing Grace" in 2nd position like Jason Ricci does on his Low D, but that requires full control of hole 3, and right now I have none on this harp...I can play the song on my regular D Special 20, but it's just not as magical in the higher octave.)

Jonathan Metts

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