[Harp-L] Re: Greg Heumann Volume Control

yeah there is a slight loss of bottom end from the mojo  inline(with a 
crystal element in) much the same as Greg's i suspect, but  Greg's vol pot looks 
better thought out, construction wise i mean, i had three  all in from the guys 
at mojo hand, cos where the switchcraft connector joins the  barrel it was 
shaky and although they replaced it without hesitation a year or  so down the line 
the one i have now is much the same now starting to shake and  loosen, also 
the mojo hand in line vol is a good wee bit dearer than the heumann  vol, so i 
may look into one in the near future, but hopefully with the addition  of our 
new piano player our overall volume will drop a wee bit more and i'll be  
sorted! now where is that upright bass player got to? any of you fine american  
chaps fancy joining a cool scottish  blues band in a very cold climate with  
very little to do, no real cash for your playing , lots of rain, a rough, tough  
dialect to get used to, man who could refuse all that !!!!!
_www.thegroovecats.co.uk_ (http://www.thegroovecats.co.uk) 

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