[Harp-L] Greg Heumann Volume Control

OK here's the lowdown on the Greg Heumann Inline Volume Control.

Firstly let me say that I have no financial interest in this product or any affiliation with the manufacturers of this product.
This is purely a review of my own experience of this product to enable others to make an informed decision on whether or not they would like one.

AB Test
Fender Pro Jr - Turner CX original Turner element - Custom Marine Band Harp
Fender Pro Jr - Astatic JT30 - Controlled Reluctance element - Custom Marine Band Harp

It's very well built and looks sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of gig use.
It's about the size of a disposable lighter.

Results of AB test
The volume control does cut some of the lows with a crystal element at low volumes, but Greg admits this anyway.

With the CR element I could tell no discernible difference between using the volume control inline and playing without it on the overall tone. I would assume that this is the same with CM & Dynamic elements.

I did think that overall with both mics I had to turn up my amp slightly to achieve the same volume level that I had when not using the volume control.
But that's not really a problem and just meant that I was able to overdrive my amp a little more.

The problems with losing the low end tones of the crystal element could be fixed by altering your amps tone settings I suppose ( that option isn't available on the Pro Jr ! ).
I also felt that I experienced the loss of some of the natural sustain that you get with the crystal elements on the the low end tones.

Customer Service
Greg was quick to reply to my emails and very interested in my opinions on his volume control.
He includes plenty of information with the volume control that explains the best way to use it and also tells you that you may experience some loss of low end tones at low volumes. He also guarantees his product for 12 months.

The Future
I personally would like to see Greg pursue the problems associated with crystal elements and see if he can discover a way round them.

I think that this volume control represents good value for money and also means that you don't have to alter your vintage mics by fitting volume or on / off controls to them.
To be honest I don't know if i will use it at all of my gigs. But it will definitely come in handy on those gigs where I have to play at high volumes. It will enable me to switch off my mic when I am not using it, thus ensuring no feedback
If you need a volume control or on / off control and don't want to alter that vintage mic then I would try one of these.

Just one last thought on the crystal problems. I wonder if the Mojo inline volume control and the original Asataic inline volume control cuts those low end frequencies as well ?

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