RE: [Harp-L] Recording a gig with an mp3 player

I recall that's it's hard to get the levels right with the iRiver.
I have am iHP-140 and it's a great device.
I record conversations and lessons for my student I have not tried a gig yet but I have lost the external mic.
Line in  from the desk sounds like a great idea.
Good luck - let us all know how you get on.
Ken Peace
Chester, UK

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	I have a iRiver mp3 player that evidently has the
	capability to record.  Has anybody ever tried
	recording a show with an mp3 player?  I suppose you
	could either connect it to a mic, or run a lineout
	from the soundboard.
	I guess I would want something that is a similar
	quality to the Jason Ricci shows on
	Mike Fugazzi
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