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I've used it with a Bassman 59 RI, a Blues Jr, a Roland Micro Cube and
through a PA.  I needed to use a Lo-Hi impedance transformer.  


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>It took a while to sink into my head that it's not meant to  be a Green 
>Bullet or JT-30 clone.  It's new, it's different, has it's own  sound, 
>doesn't feedback, and looks pretty cool.

How are you using the mic, through the PA, an amp?  I'd like to get some
feedback from someone who's used the mic through a low power tube amp, like
a Pro Jr, Champ,  Kazoo, etc...  Thanks...  Mark

Mark, I like the Fireball best through my Pro Jr.  because the amp breaks up
nicely at low volume and so it takes the edge off; the other amps you
mention are probably even more that way.  (And that isn't to say that it is
my favorite microphone through the PJ -- a lot of them sound great.)  To my
ear, the Fireball is a bit brittle through a higher powered amp like a 4x10
-- I prefer controlled reluctance or dynamic for that.  Of course all this
is highly subjective.  And someone else made a comment I agree with -- it's
hard to get the cupping/uncupping wah with the fireball.  Also, this has
been about using the Fireball hand held -- I haven't experimented with it
much yet on a stand.  --john k.

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