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When I started the Sonny Jr line 10 years ago, I went for Walter's recorded sound, hence the SJ1, 25 watts of raw tone. I have done enough testing with feedback eliminators and engineering to know how to build a ridiculously LOUD amp, but I have never chose to do that. Why, because that is not the blues, as it has been taught first hand to me from the masters. DYNAMICS of the band make up the blues, the ebb and flow of taking the people you are playing FOR, not AT. So even with the 410 which can get loud enough to keep up, the main issue is always TONE, and if the rest of the band members are not getting the jist, why are we doing this. There must me a unified work in progress to have the blues brought back to its roots, with modern updates. Players can all be mic'd, on stage volume decent, but pushed in the house, so you CAN hear those pin drops when you bring it down, not hearing the phone ring every ten seconds in your head 24 hours a day. WE must make the effort to br
g this back. The younger players, please listen to us guys that have been around, and have had it passed it down first hand, we must keep the tradition of real blues alive, but only in numbers can we succeed. Now if I can only invent the remote to cut a guitar players amp in half without them knowing it, I may actually make money at this:)) Just had an MRI yesterday for possible acoustic neuroma, basically tumor of the inner ear, wont know until next week. This is serious stuff fellows, and there is nothing more exciting than holding an audience in the palm of your hand with one breath. Sonny Terry told me and you have heard me say this again and again, if you want them to listen harder, play softer. Sonny Jr.

You'll never get an argument from me about how playing loudly doesn't make the blues any better. I've never heard anybody whose playing shows that they get it say anything different. It's not sprinting or weight lifting.

I've had the MRI for the neuroma. The doctor that referred me said it's a one in ten thousand thing but they do it in cases where the cause of the hearing loss isn't obvious. Count me among the aging partially deaf. I was under 30 when I first noticed something funny. It doesn't take much exposure to loud noise. You can just be in the right place at the wrong time and get just as much damage as 20 years of exposure. A friend of mine became 4F by shooting his father's .44 magnum at a firing range without wearing earmuffs. One shot did it.

Hope your MRI results are like mine.

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