RE: [Harp-L] metronome recommendations

JP Pagan writes:

need to work on my rhythm, as all good harpists
should (see, harp content!). can anyone recommend a
relatively inexpensive, portable, GOOD sounding


I use a Seiko SQ44. This is compact, has a nice, satisfying TOCK sound,
like a wood block being struck. It uses a dial that can swiftly be
swung around to the usual set of standard predetermined tempos (it
won't do something like 105.7). It has a silent blink mode and a
headphone jack, and it can give you an A440.

It's about the size of a page and has a little fold-down wire stand. I
sometimes use the stand as a handle - I put a few fingers of my left
hand through the stand so that I'm cupping the metronome inside my left
hand. That way I can REALLY hear the metronome when I'm practicing.

A spot check of pricing on the net shows the SQ44 going for US$26.00


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