[Harp-L] Hearing Yourself...couple of ideas

The comment was made that the singer should hear
his/herself without monitors.  I totally agree!  I do
all the singing in my band and that is our general
rule of thumb.  The band only need be loud enough to
hear yourself over the drums.

One trick I was taught has worked very well in keeping
a low stage volume (which is key to not being too loud
on stage or FOH).  Try to avoid using the monitors on
stage and try not to have to mic the drums.  Band
members should place their amps in a spot that has the
sound directed at them and not the crowd.  Use the
amps as a monitor.  This way you hear yourself as the
loudest instead of somebody else.  If everybody is
doing this you should hear everybody at a comfortable
level and hear the vocals with very little in the
monitor mix.

Another harp specific idea:  As a singer, my usual
spot would be in the middle of the stage.  In order to
hear myself better (the guitar always, no matter what,
is easier for me to hear then anything else) I stand
to the far side of the stage.  That way I am not
directly in line with the drums and the guitar amp is
the farthest insturment away from me.  

I am only 24, and the oldest member in our band is
26...we have many years ahead of us and we're trying
to play the volume game smart...there is hearing loss
in my family and that is a problem I don't want to
deal with.  Anytime we aren't doing our own sound, I
ask the soundperson that we be the quietest band that
has played that venue.

Mike Fugazzi


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