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Most bands that play local small to medium sized rooms use two or three stage monitors and a front PA consisting of at least a separate bass bin and mid-high cab on each side, driven usually by 400-1000 watts. One exception is a band that to me has the best overall tone and mixed individual instrument levels of any of them, perfectly adequate stage and room levels (I know because I've sat in with them for hours and listened for hours more) and their entire PA consists of a very basic 6 channel powered mixer with reverb (roughly 100 watts) and two boxes with 12" speakers and horns placed on the floor of the front of the stage--no monitors, no EQ, etc. They do not mic the guitar (Blues Jr), nor the drums, nor the bass (I would hazard the bass players rig is in the neighbourhood of 100-150 watts solid state). They sound aggressively loud, but never noisy, and never too loud. What a treat to play with.

There's a lesson there somewhere.


bloozeharp wrote:

Tenititus is serious stuff. 24hrs a day-no relief-ringing in the ears. Some folks have comtemplated suicide because of it.
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Well Bob, I hate to pop your bubble but one of these days you are going
to be sitting around like me (at 56) not able to hear jack----.

Whadja say sonny? Thanks. But I've got no bubbles left to pop.

About 30 years ago I discovered that I had tenititus, (ringing in the ears),
and there are times that I think that someone is blowing a super high 'E' in
the background. But, thankgoodness that hasn't halted my love for the
music, that I hear above it.

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