[Harp-L] Re: Hearing yourself

Jeff wrote:
"I've been playing harp actively for about a year and recently began attending various open mike jams at clubs in town to gain experience ... I can never hear myself clearly through the monitors. <snip>Am I the only harp player with this problem? As I improve, will it be less important to hear myself clearly?"


I DON'T mean for this to sound harsh -- but the problem may very well be you. Other guys have given some valuable tips here. All good But it's been my experience that as you get better on the instrument and develop more resonant tone, you will suddenly have fewer problems hearing yourself in the mix (plus, the gear you used to think inadequate will suddenly start - magically! - to sound pretty good). Hang in there, have fun and keep blowing! Lessons are invaluable if you can track down a teacher in your area. Portnoy's instructional CDs are good too if a live teacher isn't available. In terms of learning to play harp, one year's not much. You know the old saying, "Harp takes 5 minutes to learn and 20 years to master." Personally, I think that 20-year figure is optimistic.

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