[Harp-L] Ricci Review Positions Continued

I got a chance to see Jason and the gang this past
weekend.  We were supposed to get together before the
show, but the band was late arriving and my wife had
to redirect them.

At any rate the band had some friends with them and
they sat with us for the show.  I got a chance to hang
out with the band after the show till the bar closed
down.  The drummer, Steve, was absolutely hilarious. 
Kind of like Kyle Gas from Tenacious D.  Unfotunatley,
we were having so much fun as a group I didn't get to
much harp content.

What we did chat about was mostly positions.  He
played a lot of first position that night.  He'd often
change right in the middle of solos.  It was very very
hip.  Lots of high end stuff, with the amp and
acoustic.  Needless to say Jason played amazingly
well, but Shawn gave him a run for his money.  That
guitar was on fire!

Mike Fugazzi


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