[Harp-L] Ricci show added:, Warmdaddys in Philly 6/17

Thanks for the Kclinger's show review: mind-boggling as always...where does
Jason come up with so many IDEAS? He's added a few new positions to his
rendering of Amazing Grace, (ala Howard Levy,) having previously stuck only
to Low D harp in cross; I couldn't tell you which other positions were
covered for sure but guessing first, third and maybe 12th: he was switching
harps so rapidly who could keep up! 
Anyway, now having been driven(thanks Dick) the  90+ minutes from Philly
for his show last night, I'm glad to learn that they scored a Friday night
show in 2 weeks at Warmdaddys. 
 Some Derek Trucks people are coming for a listen at Terra Blues(tonight?),
so whoever's going make alot of noise: traveling with the DTB would be
great exposure for Newblood.

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