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Dave Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass site has an amp (and mic) museum page with photos that I sometimes view just to get all misty eyed. He has a few "cheap" amps on there that fit your needs. has info on some good small (cheaper) amps as well. 
and they're cheap!

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> Champs are great amps, I imagine a Pro Jr. (set up correctly) is cool too. 
> If you're looking for "great, classic tone"... how 'bout looking to other 
> amps like Silvertone's, Supro's, Valco's and the like? Or what about a 
> vintage PA head? I recently bought a Knight 2x6L6 PA head, near mint, on 
> Fleabay for 40 bucks... the thing sounds killer. For a combo amp, you can 
> get a vintage model 1482, 1x12" Silvertone for about the price of a Pro Jr. 
> and those amps sound great for harp... I've got two tweed Champs and the 
> Silvertone is a more flexible amp... tonewise. There's loads of small, 
> affordable amps on eBay; find a seller with good feedback, who has a great 
> amp for sale, and have some fun! 
> And... ya gotta have a good mic too! I guess you don't have to have one, 
> but it helps. 
> All the best, 
> Gary B 
> Nashville 
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> It's been great reading everyone's replies to this thread. 
> Part of my frustration, initially, can probably better 
> be phrased along these lines than the way I phrased it 
> in my original post - 
> Is a hard-to-find "vintage" Fender Champ really all that 
> much better, sound-wise, than a readily available Fender Pro Junior? 
> In other words, what is readily available NOW to the 
> harp player to provide a great classic tone? 
> I know one's sound is very subjective, and one's sound starts 
> with good acoustic tone, but I believe 
> HOW you amplify makes a big difference in your sound. 
> Regards, 
> Charles 
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