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I used to play with a guy who had no concept of counter clockwise when it came to his guitar amp.  Back then I used a blues junior against his super Reverb obviously I put a mic in front of it but I also would put it up on a chair behind me so the sound was closer to my ear.  I now use a bassman which I still mic because I like to have the sound spread through the room with the rest of the music and I still elevate it behind me.  

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Anyone have any suggestions for how to hear yourself clearly at an
electric jam?  I've been playing harp actively for about a year and
recently began attending various open mike jams at clubs in town to gain
experience.   No matter how much I complain to the sound board operator,
I can never hear myself clearly through the monitors.  When I play thru
my Fender Champ Amp and face it towards me like a monitor, it helps, but
I still can't hear subtle notes.  (Of course, guitarists that like to
play at "11" don't help.)  Am I the only harp player with this problem?
As I improve, will it be less important to hear myself clearly?  



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