[Harp-L] Grease and Glory


After sticking my neck out in a debate on playing with *no* bent notes, just
straight breathing in and out, I wrote, recorded and posted an instrumental
called "Grease and Glory" on my website that manages to combine quotes from
Gershwin and Tchaikovsky with a smokin' R&B rhythm section and no chordal
instruments. I laid down drums and hand percussion loops, played bass and then
employed an out-of-the-box Lee Oskar harmonic G minor in a single pass at the
home studio just to prove how versatile the instrument can be with minimal use
of technique.


The only processing used on the harp parts were reverbs and a lot of serious
thumping from several compressors. I think I also used a bit of pitch shifting
to fatten up the sound in the "Nutcracker" quote.

Bon appetit, y'all,

Tio Ed
Austin, Texas
Ed Kliman
  "Written, musical and electronic communications
      for a changing World...."

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