RE: [Harp-L] Pro-Junior Noise

To those folk who responded to my plea for help with my hissing
Pro-Junior and suggested removing the top-middle screw from the rear
cover, I just wanted to let you know that Fender must have corrected
this design fault. I took the back off my Pro-Junior and reinserted the
screw to check - even fully screwed in without the back in place it
stops well short of the pots. So maybe someone somewhere is listening !
Anyway thanks for the responses. 

I still have the damn hiss though ! It sounds somewhat like radio static
- and it may be my imagination but it does seem to vary slightly with
the orientation of the amp. I have heard stories of amps picking up
radio signals - is this a possibility would anyone say ? And if so,
what's to be done about it ? I guess I should really be on amp-l or
electronics-l with this !


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