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"Automatic" is a cover, original by Willie Love, recorded it for Trumpet Records in the early '50's. Joe Hill Louis did a song for Sun in the early '50's called "Hydromatic Woman" that's basically the same thing; all the lyrics are the same except he changed "Automatic" for "Hydromatic".
That Red Devil's record is just killer, too bad they only made one. Lester Butler, the harp guy and singer in the 'Devil's did another record before he left this earth called "13"... it's cool.
Hope that helps...

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Hi all,
been listening to a ripped copy of The Red Devils, "live at the king king" that features the song 'Automatic".
Could anyone tell me if this is a cover or penned by the Devils themselves.
Been trying to find lyrics to same on-line but to no avail,any tips.
Thanks in advance

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