Re: [Harp-L] Larry Adler's Carmen

rainbowjimmy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> CBC Radio played excerpts of Larry Adler's rendition of Bizet's Carmen.
> Wow.
> I've heard chromatic harp before. I had no idea it could sound like that.
> Wow.
> Highly recommended.

Intimidating, ain't it?  I got an incomplete (dammit, serves me right) mp3 of
it someplace because it's not on the  Adler CD I own.  Adler makes me mad.
He was too good.  I had no idea who hard a chrom could be to play even
passably, much less like that.  Adler in truth is one of the reasons I picked
up the chromatic as a "starter" harp.  "Hey, I wanna do that."  But for me,
that's like Broderick Crawford hearing Jussi Bjoerling sing "La Reve" from
Massenet's Manon and deciding he wants to be an operatic tenor.

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