[Harp-L] Re : Re: Overblowing Hoopla Demystified

Mojo Red Sez :

Excerpt .

" Amen, bro. I've kept my OB technique to myself
since the first one popped out in 2000. Woodshed
time... woodshed time... woodshed time."


Hurricane Sez , 

Mojo my man :

You made the point of " Wood Shedding " , this term is what it is all about . It's tedious work man ( N'ladies :) long hours alone with your soul bared out and bleeding to yourself as you seek and search out the " why " & " how " of it all . Your mentioning of first hitting your OB goal in 2000 and keeping it under your hat is a classic , it is what truly proficient playing musicians are really all about till they get on stage and set the room on fire ... And waiting 4 years to play it in front is also a typical thang for a really great musician(s) to do , patience , dedication , diligence , believing in oneself ( Ah yes grasshopper perfection is like the rare black pearl of great price ,  you go through 1000's of oysters till you find one  ) and then after your hard work and patience , seeing the faces on the crowd & the other musicians when you do it wowing them is a rush not to be looked at lightly .   

and more than any other thing ......

- - - - Ya gotta luv it ! ! ! - - - -

It's got to be the last thing on your mind as you pass out at night .

It's the first thing on your mind when you wake

You are the person who first picks up his axe

And Your the last one to put his axe down

You turn down buddies to go out and mess around in choice of the Wood Shed .

Your studies upset your GF ( or BF ) or multiple relationships over the years :(

Your lucky to have a wife who doesn't threaten to leave you if your lucky too and I am :)

It's a lonely thing to work your a$$ off alone compared to a band situation where there is a "  team attitude " going on with support and encouragement . Not for a harp man , you are alone by yourself most times and when you know you nailed it after years of seeking n searchin , it is super hard not to run through your house hopping , jumping & screaming at the top of your lungs ....

 " I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it ,I did it , while acting like a total loonie ( I did :) and looking like you belong in an asylum for the terminally insane .

But as I said , " Ya gota luv it " and it is evident that you do and that's a good thang  !

Now that your doing them and realizing where and when to lay them down , it is only a matter of time when you start branching out to other musical venues too and that's a super good thang too .

¿ Why ?

I thought you'd never ask but since ya did ...heh heh.... Remember Little Walter & many other heavies listened to every conceivable type of musical genre to improve there playing style . So .....

..... go get sum of dat stuff man ( ladies too :)  ! ! !

Sincerely :


Aka :


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