Re: It's officially Summer :(:

Hello Chris :

Nice Job on that Jazzy rendition of  Ghershwin's " Summer Time " ya bop'd it a good one :) My guitar man and I do it in Am , it is one of my best songs in my repertoire . I have written a set of lyrics for that song in Spanish that actually stick to the lyrical content almost to the point of verbatim its scary heh heh .

Oh ,since you're in the Phoenix area , you should be having the " usual " sweltering heat like here in the Palm Springs desert of the deep south ( of southern California , that is ) !

Here when it hits 105 F˚ (40˚C ) us locals like me say :

" ¡ Nice day in hell , huh ! "

What bothers me is when it gets up to the 120's˚F + ( 40˚ C ) mark in August when the humid air from the Sea of Cortez between Baja California & Mexico mainland shows up with 70 + humidity !.

Summers here are not as celebrated as other areas in and about the globe :( , but then when everyone's freezing their gazitzas off of else where in the world we are styling  big time here with sandals , tank tops & Bermuda shorts from October to now and through the summer , oh well I put on socks with my sandals in the winter and wear a full  tee shirt :) .

All kidding aside that recording was really nice , tell me ( and da group ) about the recording and who is in it and the particulars of that recording the day you did it .

Hurricane Ramón

Aka :




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