re: some tips on using and building tone

I meant to send this to the list this morning but noticed I only sent it to
Buzz. I'm reposting it.

Keith and Buzz both bring up some good points while practicing.

Since I get embarrassed letting any one hear me play in the car I played
very low while practicing on the difficult harps.  Playing hard and loud
won't help you play those harps better and won't help you to develop better
tone. It's learning proper hand/breath technique while building the lungs
and throat muscles. Volume, or a better word, projection, comes with
building tone. You don't need to think about it, it happens.

As I learned to control bending reeds on the difficult harps I then focused
on isolating the extra notes that you get when you bend. I would try to hit
the notes dead on instead of bending down to get the note. That seems to
build other muscles in the mouth and throat.

Buzz gave good advice on using low key harps. Low D is my difficult harp.
Rather then physically working on the reeds, I'll try isolating and solving
the problem through technique.

I think Keith's advice brings us to another benefit. Dynamics.  While
building tone and projection we are also working on dynamics or the ability
to play both soft and loud within a song and still keep good tone intact.


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