Harp Quivers / Was Guitars vs Strings

Ron Sez :

>This may be totally subjective, but it works for me (or seems to,
>which keeps me happy...)

>I have triple reduncy through all harp keys


Hurricane Sez :

I get a set of 12 , always at the ready in all keys , they are the best of a given group . Now since I can't remember I have a box with all kinds of keys thown in one place of bad harps . Then I have usually two other sets of varying harps and brands . With this arrangement I have a quiver for any situation that pops up . Sometimes I get a whole 12 keys when the price is right and ALL harps are ready to go , to do this I hit big music stores and take my usual purchase harp and go through as many as it takes to get a set of 12 harps I don't have to mess with . After that , I maintain then till one or two or what ever end up on THE BOX . And start the whole process again , this I have done since the early 1970's


Aka : 


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